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CodeIgniter 3 with Database Migration & Seeding


This is a starter template with CodeIgniter 3.1.x and database migration & seeding tools.


  • CodeIgniter Migration with CodeIgniter Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • CodeIgniter Database seeding with CodeIgniter Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Faker PHP Library


  • Pretty CLI commands


  1. Clone this repository git clone
  2. Install all required packages with Composer with your CLI: composer install.
  3. Configure application/config/config.php.
  4. Configure application/config/database.php.

CLI Commands

Available Command Line Interface (CLI) commandsDescription
php index.php tools migration "file_name"Create new migration file
php index.php tools migrate "version_number"Run all migrations. The version number is optional.
php index.php tools seeder "file_name"Creates a new seed file.
php index.php tools seed "file_name"Run the specified seed file.


In application/database/migrations is a migrations file and in application/database/seeds is a seeder file created for this example.

Type the following commands in your CLI: 1. php index.php tools migrate BrandSeeder 2. php index.php tools migrate 3. php index.php tools seed BrandsSeeder 4. Check your database changes :)