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Simple realtime platform game build with

Simple realtime Pokemon game build with Phaser 3, & Webpack 4.


Features & ToDo

  • Multiple players can join the game
  • Maps are can be created/edited with Tiled Map Editor
  • Multiple levels/maps
  • Pokémons added
  • Can going inside building (In progress)

How to install

// Clone this repository
$ git clone

// Go to the client folder and install all modules
$ cd client && npm install

// Go to the server folder and install all modules
$ cd ../server && npm install

// Start the server
$ node server.js

// Open a new terminal and navigate to the client folder and start the webpack server
$ cd client && npm start

After successfully install go to http://localhost:8080

Known bugs

Online players won't load in new level (50% fixed, needs help with this bug..)\ When a player enters a new level/map the Phaser Scene reloads and a new tilemap will be loaded. But the current players in that map will not be loaded in that level (see Code).

See GIF example below Know bug example