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Website Aaron van den Berg

Web Developer portfolio website

This is my personal portfolio website build with GatsbyJS and a small ExpressJS server.


  • React 16.x
  • Gatsby framework
  • PWA (desktop & mobile)
  • Functional components with Recompose React Hooks
  • Frontend design by @smakosh
  • Amazing illustrations by
  • Express as backend framework
  • Socket.IO intergration (realtime online users counter & notifications)
  • Simple authentication system with PassportJS
  • Contact form with Google reCAPTCHA


  1. Latest Node.js version
  2. GatsbyJS

How to install

  1. The easiest way to get started is to clone the repository
  2. Change in the root the config.js file.
  3. Create a new file named config.js in the server folder and add the following content and adjust it:
 * Webserver PORT
const PORT = 3005;

 * Email settings
const EMAIL = '';
const EMAIL_PASSWORD = 'your-mail-password';

 * Session settings
const SESSION_SECRET = 'Zsjfkrkwujskcfjskw&m';

 * SSL / HTTPS settings
 * ------------------------
 * if HTTPS is true, the privateKey_path, certificate_path and ca_path MUST be correctly located.
 * privateKey_path is the path where the privkey.pem file is located
 * certificate_path is the path where the cert.pem file is located
 * ca_path is the path where the chain.pem file is located
const isHTTPS = true;
const privateKey_path = 'PATH_TO_THIS_FILE/privkey.pem';
const certificate_path = 'PATH_TO_THIS_FILE/cert.pem';
const ca_path = 'PATH_TO_THIS_FILE/chain.pem';

module.exports = {EMAIL, EMAIL_PASSWORD, PORT, SESSION_SECRET, isHTTPS, privateKey_path, certificate_path, ca_path};
  1. Install NPM dependencies in the root folder and in the server folder:
    npm install
  2. Then simply start the server in the server folder by doing:
    node server.js
  3. Finally you start the app in the root folder by doing:
  4. gatsby develop